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      品牌 Brand:LIVOS

      產品名稱 Product Name:MAINTENANCE RIBOSUOIRU (for oil finished product)

      價錢 Price:$249 ( 內付兩樽 With 2 bottles)

      材料 Materials:天然蜜蠟亞麻仁油

      德國製 Livos 天然蜜蠟亞麻仁油,有效滋潤及保養木製家具,同時適用作木製品的底漆,保護同時滋潤,更有防水抗靜電效果。通過德國政府幼兒安全規格標準(DIN EN71, P-3 合格品),因此即使接觸了嬰兒產品,餐桌甚至食物,也可以安心使用。

      Natural vegetable oil from Ribos Oil is for maintaining wooden furnitures' condition with waterproof and antistatic functions. It meets the EU toy safety chemical requirements under European standard EN 71-3, therefore it's safe for family with infant. 

      • 德國製 (Made in Germany)



      • 用一小塊的綿質抹布,塗上小量蜂蠟油(大概五元大小的分量)
      • 然後用布在傢具表面平均地打轉上油。
      • 抹油後靜待 20 - 30 分鐘,然後再用乾布抹乾
      • 每一次上油只需用很小的份量就足夠滋潤一張四人枱面

      How to Use:

      Apply the honey wax with a cotton mattress,  and then rub the surface of the furniture evenly, wait for 20-30 minutes. 

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