• Product Description

      品牌 Brand:

      HIROMATSU 廣松木工 

      尺寸 Size:

      長(W)1680 - 2100 x 闊(D)490 x 高(H)420

      材料 Materials:

      天然木突板 Natural Wood Veneer - 
      楓木 (Maple)/ 北海道白橡木 (Oak)/ 美國黑胡桃木 (Walnut)/
      櫻桃木 (Cherry)/ 柚木 (Teak)/ 非洲雞翅木 (Wenge ) 

      品牌國 Country of Origin:

      日本 (Japan)

      生產國 Manufacturing Country

      日本・福岡大川 (Japan - Ōkawa・Fukuoka)


      • 100% 日本製造
      • 香港以外地方運費需另行報價 
      • 訂單確定後,製作時間需時 75 - 90 
      • 製作完成後,由日本運送到香港大概需時 30 


      • 100% Made in Japan
      • Delivery Charge would be adjusted for oversea delivering
      • The production time is 75 - 90 days after placing the order (exclude shipping time). This is subject to change depending on the availability of the furniture at the manufacturer.
      • The general shipping time from Japan to Hong Kong is about 30 days after production.


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