• Product Description

      品牌名稱 Brand Name:YOKA

      產品名稱 Product Name:CARPENTER TOOL BOX

      尺寸 Size(mm):使用時(In Use)- 闊(W)408 深(D)204 高(H)204

                                  收納時(Storage)- 闊(W)408 深(D)204 高(H)45

      材料Materials:針葉樹合板(Softwood Plywood)

      品牌國 Country of Origin:日本 Japan

      生產國 Manufacturing Country:Tendo-Yamagata, Japan 天童市-山形縣,日本


      • 香港以外地方運費需另行報價 
      • 訂單完成後,製作時間大約是4-5星期
      • Delivery Charge would be adjusted for oversea delivering
      • The production time is 4-5 weeks after placing the order (exclude shipping time). This is subject to change depending on the availability of the furniture at the manufacturer.

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