Cloud Sofa 3P

$21,888.00 $27,360.00

  • Product Description

      品牌 Brand:SWITCH

      產品名稱 Product Name:Cloud Sofa 3P

      價錢 Price: $21,888

      材料 Materials:美國黑胡桃木 (Walnut)/ 羽絨 (Feather)

      尺寸 Size(mm):長(W)2110 闊(D)930 高(H)760  SH375 

      品牌國 Country of Origin:日本 Japan

      生產國 Manufacturing country:日本 Japan


      • 100%日本製造
      • 香港以外地方運費需另行報價 
      • 不設留貨服務
      • 100% Made in Japan
      • Delivery Charge would be adjusted for oversea delivering
      • The product would be sold on first come first served basis
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